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Existing Services

We Are Into Providing The Following Services With A Professional Commitment:

→ Making the processes to smoothen the activities.
→ Providing dedicated and trained manpower to implement the processes.
→ Analysing the data and making MIS to support the management in taking decisions.

→ Physically visiting the person
→ Establishing the address as locatable or not.
→ Verifying the genuineness of the documents by comparing with the original one.
→ Rating the person by observing the standard of living and by asking some typical questions


A) For Chartered Accountancy / Accounting Firms
→ Pre finalisation jobs of the balance sheet if we given the Trial balance/basic Information.
→ Base work for Project Reports.
→ Making legal agreements.
→ Making of accounting processes.
→ Pre Preparation of Audit programs.
→ Providing chartered accountants based in India for working as per online instructions from abroad.
→ Analysis of any data base and generating reports out of it.
→ Any other job which can be done offline or online.

B) For Corporate Sector
→ Preparation of pay rolls.
→ Maintaining debtors/creditors accounts.
→ Bookkeeping /Writing books and making the entries based on statements etc.
→ Reconciliation of bank accounts.
→ Raising of monthly bills or tracking the payments.
→ Providing the professional manpower which shall be working as per online instructions.

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